Liberals Forced City To Remove ‘OFFENSIVE’ Memorial Day Display

Memorial Day crosses were recently taken down after people complained about its religions insinuations. Many complained, asking why they had been taken down. They were 79 handmade crosses to represent the Paulding Countains who died in American wars. They were placed off of Highway 92.

The mayor said that some citizens called in to complain. “They asked were all those fallen soldiers Christian, and the answer to that was not, they obviously weren’t,” he said.


Ross Cavitt, a reporter, said, “People who are non-Christian shouldn’t be offended by that because they gave their lives for our country, and that’s the way I look at it, whether it’s a cross or any other kind of marking its in honor of Memorial Day.”

Some private individuals expressed the idea that they want to place the crosses on private property so that they can still be displayed out of respect for the dead.

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