Liberals Freak Out Over Country Legend’s Post on Twitter [TWEET]


One of country music’s most famous stars just showed how classy she is — but people on the left decided to use it to demonstrate their bitterness. During the week of Christmas, former President George H.W. Bush was admitted to the hospital due to poor health. Country singer Reba McEntire sent out a simple message to wish him well.

“Sending get well wishes to my dear friend Pres. Bush,” wrote McEntire. She also included the hashtags “#prayersgoingup” and “#feelbettersoon,” along with a photo of Bush with former First Lady Barbara Bush.


Many other people on Twitter also wished the 41st president a quick recovery. However, a number of liberals decided to respond to the news with hatred and spite.

One user apparently did not understand the difference between the 41st and 43rd presidents, and replied to Reba McEntire’s tweet with a demand to know why the elderly 90 year old H. W. Bush “covered up” 9/11.


It seems that whenever the name “Bush” is mentioned, the crazies come out to play.

Amazingly, people on the left repeatedly act like they are smarter than everybody, yet are completely unable to understand that George W. Bush and his father are two different people.

It would probably be a safe bet that the majority of the people spewing hate have no idea that the 41st president was a World War II pilot who was shot down defending our country, or that he defended the small nation of Kuwait from being plundered by Saddam Hussein. An understanding of basic history is probably too much to ask.

Other liberals responded to the news of the former president’s health issues by publicly wishing for him to die.



Remember, liberals are just more tolerant and caring than everyone else… you just wouldn’t know it by their actions.

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