While the left argues that the lessons of Ferguson, Mo., have to do with racial injustice, inequality before the law, and the use of deadly force by law enforcement, conservative rocker Ted Nugent took a very different message from the violence.

Like a good conservative, Nugent said that everything from Brown’s death to the ensuing riots derive from a lack of individual and family responsibility.

The rock legend took to Facebook immediately following the announcement by prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch that Ferguson, Mo., Police officer Darren Wilson would not be charged in the shooting death of Michael Brown (language warning):

Nugent response 1

In just over half a day, the Facebook post had been shared by over 112,000 people and liked by three times that number.

The response from the left was predictable.

“The level of outright stupidity in this post is astounding,” Cassie Feathers wrote in response to Nugent’s post without further elaboration.

“If he. Was your kid u. Think different!” Roseanna Picanso added, although why she felt she needed to break that into three sentences remains a mystery.

But perhaps the most telling reply came from Camille Janae’ Clark.

“This is an insanely bigoted and disrespectful post,” she wrote. “How dare you comment on something that you obviously have no idea about! You should think before you speak and show your ignorance. I’m extremely offended that people I called friends liked your post. They are obviously no friends of mine.”

And that’s the liberal argument in a nutshell: If you disagree with me, you’re bigoted, disrespectful, and ignorant — and we can’t be friends anymore.

Liberals are all about tolerance — as long as it’s conservatives tolerating liberal ideas.

The other way around? Not so much.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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