Liberals Are PISSED After Trump Leaks Where ISIS US Army Traitor is From Originally! It PROVES Trump Was RIGHT!!!

Ever since President Trump announced his ban on migrants, his plan to keep our country safe from third-world country savages has been relentlessly fought by liberals. But as these morons continue to proclaim that Trump’s ban is “racist” and “bigoted,” a disturbing detail is surfacing about an infamous migrant who just got sentenced to 11 years in prison for the sickening thing he did to Americans back in October. And what was just revealed needs to spread like wildfire so we can hopefully get another ban put into place before it is too late for America.

You all remember this little sh*t head. The former National Guard Soldier who was arrested back in July for attempting to provide material support to ISIS by procuring them weapons for what would’ve been a 9/11-sized attack on American soil. While we are all thankful that this little douche’s plans were found out before he or his ISIS buds could kill any Americans, the left is frantic to bury one detail about Mohamed Bailor Jalloh’s past that will blast a huge hole through their liberal bullsh*t narrative.

Mohamed Jalloh, sh*thead soldier who defected to ISIS to blow up Americans

While the left continues to paint the picture of a young “misunderstood and misguided” 27-year-old child from Virginia who “got mixed up with the wrong crowd,” they’re completely ignoring the fact of where little Mohamed migrated from before becoming a naturalized citizen and joining the Army National Guard. Mohamed migrated right from the very portion of the world that Trump’s migrant ban seeks to target, but of course that detail will be buried by the mainstream media.

Jalloh is one of more than 100 people in the U.S. to be charged with terror offenses connected to the Islamic State since 2014, according to George Washington University’s Extremism Tracker, and one of seven from the northern Virginia area alone to be charged in the past two years. The Illegal Alien Crime Report has more:

Jalloh, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Sierra Leone, had traveled back to Africa with his father in 2015. While there, he met an Islamic State recruiter. In August 2015, Jalloh traveled from Sierra to Leone to stay with the group’s facilitator. He intended to travel to Libya to join the Islamic State, but the plans fell through.

Later that year, Jalloh traveled to Niger, again with the intent of joining the group. This time, he went so far as to get on a truck with other recruits to trek across the Sahara to Libya. But, in court papers, Jalloh described how he got cold feet and sneaked off the truck after 18 hours.

It was before Mohamed Jalloh returned to the United States that he would make contact with ISIS operative Abu Saad Sudani, where together they would plot their massive terror attack on the United States. But unfortunately for Mohamed, Sudani would turn out to be a government informant, which would ultimately bring Mohamed down. The Illegal Alien Crime report went on:

In conversations with the informant, Jalloh discussed carrying out a Fort Hood-style attack. He also sent hundreds of dollars to an undercover FBI employee he believed was an IS member.

Jalloh’s lawyers describe his interest in the Islamic State group as a “flirtation” that stemmed from a difficult childhood in war-torn Sierra Leone that left him with little parental guidance. They say that when Jalloh met with the informant, his goal was to be set up with a Muslim woman he could marry, but the informant continually steered the conversation to violence.

Coming from West Africa, Mohamed’s radical ties couldn’t be any more evident. revealed that he had frequently praised terror attacks on our soil before he decided to hook up with ISIS and do his part to destroy the very country who had given him so much.

1. Jalloh Praised the Fort Hood & Chattanooga Attackers, the FBI Says
2. He Is Accused of Sending Money to an Undercover FBI Agent He Thought Was an ISIS Fighter
3. He Told an FBI Informant He Left the National Guard After Listening to Online Lectures by Anwar al-Aulaqi
4. He Traveled to His Native Country of Sierra Leone Last Year & Met ISIS Fighters, the FBI Says

Despite the left continuing to assert that migrants from these terror-ridden hotbeds pose no threat to our country, their rhetoric couldn’t be further from the truth. While we should all be thankful that this little sh*thead was caught before he was able to kill Americans, how many more people just like Mohamed Jalloh are infesting our country at this exact moment… now that President Trump’s ban has been momentarily lifted? It’s chilling to say the least.

H/T [Illegal Crime Report]

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