Liberals FUMING After Conservative Santa Allows Photos With AWESOME Prop


Liberals FUMING After Conservative Santa Allows Photos With AWESOME Prop

The list of things sure to tick off Liberals seems to be just about infinite, but perhaps the thing highest on the list is guns. That being said, when a local gun shop decided to bring in a Santa with a few guns to allow children and adultsalike to pose with them for a photo – well, you can imagine their outcry.

As reported by WSB-TV, the event is actually one for charity where those wishing to take a picture with Santa simply need to bring a few cans of imperishable foods that will be later donated. In return, the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range in Sandy Springs, Georgia will have available an “AK-47, AR-15 or FN-SCAR-17,” waiting for anyone to pick up and pose with.

According to the gun range co-owner Robyn Workman Marzullo, they’ve already gotten quite a bit of feedback regarding the gun-toting Santa. “It’s not trying to send a message. It’s just about having a good time, getting into the holiday spirit and giving back to the community,” said Marzullo. “We’re not trying to treat guns like toys.”

The guns being used will be rendered useless by removing the firing pins. Furthermore, only those over the age of 18 will be able to handle a gun when posing with Santa, but children are still welcome to pose with good ol’ Saint Nick.

Amongst those supporting the gun shop is Bret Ciaranella. “It’s for a good cause. It’s for charity so I don’t see any problem with it whatsoever. If somebody doesn’t want to bring their kid here, just don’t,” he said.

However, Liberals are up to their usual whining, using words such as “sickening,” and “sad.” Needless to say, we’re pretty sure we know what those holding the guns will be asking to receive for Christmas.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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