Liberals FURIOUS At What Cameras Caught Trump Doing Seconds Before The Patriots Won The Super Bowl

Last night during the first 3 quarters of Superbowl 51, the New England Patriots were getting completely destroyed, finding themselves in unfamiliar territory with the Falcons leading by 21 points in the second quarter. But then in the third quarter, the Patriots made the biggest come back in Superbowl history, pulling off a stunning win the final 17 minutes of the game. Now everyone is talking about what cameras caught President Trump doing right before the Patriot’s win, that has every liberal and American-hating idiot out there seething.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, liberals endlessly trash talked the New England Patriots after finding out that President Trump was good buddies with the coaches, and a personal friend of Tom Brady’s. Sports experts gave the Falcons a 98% chance of winning, which ironically, was the same exact statistic that Hillary Clinton was given by “experts” for winning the presidential election against Trump.

After the Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in Superbowl history, no one could ignore the symbolism of the Patriot’s win, which made everyone think back to the presidential election when all the odds were stacked against Trump, as liberals constantly asserted that Hillary would defeat Trump by a landslide.


With symbolic sting of the Patriot’s win fresh on the mind of liberals everywhere today, now there’s something else that has them furious, which was the words that President Trump spoke to Bill O’Reilly right before the game.  President Trump opened up to Bill during an interview, discussing the flack that Tom Brady and the coaches were taking because of their friendship. But then he went on to make a prediction about the game, that in light of the Patriot’s win, is very shocking.

“I think they’re going to do very well…Tom is a winner,” he began. “I say the Patriots will win by 8 points.”

Not only was President Trump right about his team, but almost spot-on with his prediction of the score too, as the Patriots would come back to win by 6 points.

When the Patriots were down last night, no one gave them a chance in the world to win. Just like during the 2016 presidential election, where the odds were stacked against Trump, and no one thought in a million years he could win the White House. Yet against all odds, Trump and the Patriots both won in a historic fashion, ushering in both a new age in Politics and the most incredible win in Super Bowl history.

Even if you’re a Falcons fan, you have to appreciate the incredible symbolism of what was accomplished last night in front of the entire world. We as Americans never give up. And the liberal tears that garnished both the Patriots’ win and Donald Trump’s win just makes the victory that much sweeter.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]


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