Liberals FURIOUS After Kellyanne Conway Reveals The One Thing That Helps Her Win!

It’s been just weeks since Donald Trump has been elected to be America’s 45th President of the United States. His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway has spoken out about the real reason why he won now…and people are listening.

Despite what the left claims it was a landslide election and a HUGE shock to democrats and even republicans alike when he totally decimated Hillary Clinton in this historic win.

It was Kellyanne Conway that was at the point position for this win, and she became the first female to run a successful presidential campaign. That’s huge.

Throughout Trump’s entire campaign, we watched as liberals tried to ruin his character and portray him as a womanizer, woman hater, and racist man. With little to no reason as their foundation they were still able to create a massive wave of hatred all focused on Trump.

During his run for President there were a lot of changed that he had to make and the ‘job opportunity’ for KellyAnne Conway came when Trump found he could trust her with her with his political campaign, and ultimately his win.

Now she has been appointed as his counselor once he’s President and that will make Conway the nation’s most highest-ranking woman in the White House.

In your face Hillary Clinton…

She is going down in history as being the first woman to “break the glass ceiling” and in response this is what she had to say:

“I want everybody to remember, that it was Donald J. Trump who elevated a woman to the highest position in his campaign, much like he has done in the Trump Corporation for a number of decades– it is he who gave women responsibilities.”

Conway considers her path to the White House to be a blessed one.

“I’m not a big gender-identity person, and I wasn’t hired for my gender, but it’s . . . a pretty cool thing to say to my three daughters and my son. Many women work really hard and never get their shot. I feel blessed to have gotten my shot.”

Conway shared, “The faster you went, the more money you’d make. Everything I learned about life and business started on that farm.”

Liberals aren’t very supportive of Conway’s success. They shout until they are blue in the face about being supportive of women’s equal rights, and whine constantly that women are not treated fairly…and yet, when something as amazing as this happens, they go silent…and ignore the facts.

Of course they do.

Classic dummies…

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