LIBERALS IGNORE: ‘One ISIS Attack Every 84 Hours’ Spurs Dread And Anger In Europe


Munich, Germany was recently ravaged by an Islamic terrorist attack by ISIS. Flowers and candles have been placed on the street in memorial. Previously, their was a knife wielding teenager on a German train. Before that their were the Paris and Nice terrorist attacks. This year has seen a largely accelerated number of terrorist attacks in Europe.

ISIS has claimed a space in European society.  As well as Bangladesh, Turkey, and the United States. IntelCenter reports that every 84 hours there is a terrorist inspired attack directed by ISIS since June 8th of this year. These don’t include areas such as Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya. CNN tracking supports this reporting too.

Most of the attacks are in large cities in places that aren’t not characteristically targeted for terrorist attacks. They are rash, low tech, deadly attacks. Most have fueled public unease and forced people to question their faith in the government. As well as dims inhaled trust in the criminal justice system.

One French terrorist from France was released from custody to his home. The 19-year-old who murdered a priest. The Ansbach bomber from Germany still remains in the country. People are justifiably outraged.

A disturbed teacher who was acquainted with one of the attackers from France told CNN,

I never thought for a day in my life that a young person would commit a terrorist act here in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray.”

The French President said,

“The government will have to answer the question: how flagged individuals, including one under judiciary control for attempting to wage jihad in Syria, were let free to commit such attacks?”

Of course you don’t here the progressive liberals in the United States talking about this serious issue. Instead they are focusing on gender neutral bathrooms and Black Lives Matter activists than the global threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

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