Illegals Are PISSED After Getting Caught In Trump’s GENIUS New Airport Trap He Just Set Up Overnight!

Have your documents ready when you get on AND off a domestic flight in America!

I suppose this is to double check to make sure illegal immigrants weren’t smuggled on the plane in a carry-on bag or hiding in a wheel well

President Trump signed an executive order to restrict travel from seven well known terrorist countries. People threw a huge fit over USA wanting to have more secure borders and extreme vetting for people coming from those countries due to their terrorist foundations.

Anyone who knows good from evil knows that it’s a good idea to check the people coming into your country and turn away the evil ones. You don’t usually let murderers into your home, right?

Well that’s the point of the executive order – to make sure we don’t let the wrong people in.

However, people threw a huge fit and an old wrinkly liberal judge tried to stop it.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This week the prize is that everyone on a Delta flight had to show their travel documentation when they were getting OFF the plane. Of course, people cried about waiting a few minutes. How long does it take to show your papers? 30 seconds at the most? Stop crying folks, it’s just a matter of security.

I have another theory below the quotes and I think it’s worth exploring.

Passengers at JFK International Airport in New York City may have just been subjected to Trump’s “extreme vetting,” giving the impression that this may be the new normal for the next four years. Twitter user Britton Taylor posted a photo of U.S. Customs agent inspecting the IDs of everyone deplaning from a domestic Delta flight. Customs and Border Patrol agents told Gothamist that the agents were on scene to help ICE remove someone with a removal order.

 “When we were getting out there were two customs agents,” 41-year-old Matt O’Rourke told Gothamist. “I don’t think they had a clipboard or a list. I think they were just looking at everybody’s ID. They did it really carefully. You could tell they weren’t just looking for a name. They read my entire ID and looked at me the entire time. I was probably the tenth person off the plane, and they did the same for everyone in front of me.”

O’Rourke said the head flight attendant said “three or four times” over the plane’s loudspeaker to “please have your papers ready,” before correcting that statement to ask passengers to have their photo identification ready.

My other theory, besides double checking passengers in order to find illegal immigrants is that Delta wanted some free press.

If that’s the case, then it worked.

Delta now looks like the top notch security checkpoint for passengers to most of the country.

And of course, Delta looks like the angry evil airline who has to check everyone for everything.

Yeah, because it’s an airplane and people would like to be safe.

I’m very curious – if we get checked getting ON the plane, then what’s the point to check us when we get off?

What changes in the air? =

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