You Won’t Believe Who Liberals Are Insisting That Melania Is Having An Affair With – This Is Truly Sick

The disdain for our President is a peek into the psyche of the American liberal. Their hatred that they spout is very revealing of how their twisted little emotionally driven minds work. The obsession with needing to make sense of the President and First Lady’s relationship has caused some pretty far fetched social media campaigns, such as the one that was focused around “freeing” Melania. They idea was that President Trump had somehow captured her and she wasn’t allowed to be away from him. Somehow the security that the President had was backing up their rumor and fueling the ridiculous fire.

There’s, of course, the theory that she’s only with the President because of his money. Admittedly, he does have quite a bit, however, Melania wasn’t exactly hurting for cash when they met. She was quite the supermodel before her life as Mrs. Donald J. Trump. She’s also shown many signs that they are a pretty normal couple, with good times and bad times. It’s possible that Melania Trump is somewhat less hung up on how she and her husband look than the rest of the world is. There’s the distinct possibility that she wanted to marry a man’s man, and there’s no doubt that’s what she got in the President.

The critics won’t be appeased though. They’ve come up with a particularly nasty new rumor, that seems to have originated from just one disturbed author with a bone to pick with the first couple. There’s been no actual evidence to support their claims, but still, the rumors persist. Their claim is that the First Lady is having an affair with one of the heads of security that works for the Trump family in New York, and that’s what has prompted her to stay away from D.C.

Via Inquisitr:

A rumor that Melania Trump is in an affair erupted on Twitter when a novelist claimed that the first lady is cheating on her husband with someone who works in Trump Tower. The strong allegation surfaced on June 1, after a woman by the name of Monica Byrne wrote a series of tweets about information she received from a source she views as reliable.

Perez Hilton picked up the story on Friday about the alleged Melania Trump affair, publishing the string of tweets written by Byrne — who’s profile on Twitter reads that she’s a ‘novelist, playwright, artist, activist, traveler, futurist, feminist, TED speaker.’

According to the report, Byrne shared information she received from a source she refuses to name so that she can ‘accelerate [Trump’s] rate of self-destruction.’ She repeated a rumor that former White House staffer, Claude Taylor, tweeted a few weeks ago about getting information from well-known sources that Donald and Melania Trump signed divorce papers, but never filed because of the surprise win in the election. The White House has denounced all negative reports written about them, with a spokesperson insisting that the reports are false about Melania being ‘miserable’ in her marriage.

Byrne’s tweets were posted on Thursday in which she claims Melania Trump has been having an affair with the head of security at Tiffany’s in the Trump Tower lobby for ‘many years.’ The novelist began her introductions into the affair rumor by telling followers she was ready to ‘leak the gossip’ that is probably more of a ‘tip.’ She continued that she can’t reveal her source and that the Trumps will likely deny the rumors, citing it as ‘fake news.’

Byrne made the serious allegation that Mrs. Trump has been visibly ‘miserable’ and the affair is further reason why she’s not happy with her husband or the fact he won the presidency. She writes that this is a ‘broader illustration of why.’ The writer further asserts that the affair is why Melania ‘doesn’t leave New York.’

Monica Byrne is urging journalists to probe this story further, standing by her claims that Melania Trump is cheating on her husband and that Donald Trump would undoubtedly be embarrassed if this got out. A photo of the man Byrne is accusing Melania of cheating with was posted on Twitter, but to protect his privacy in the allegations, it’s not posted here.

The Trumps have been the subject of countless divorce rumors since the election. Every few months the magazines claim that Melania Trump is suffering behind-the-scenes, and the couple’s body language is analyzed every time they’re together. The latest flurry of reports sparked when Melania brazenly swatted Donald’s hand away when they were in Israel. They were walking the airport’s tarmac to meet dignitaries when the president reached back for her hand, but she flicked her hand away from him. It’s also thought that Melania didn’t want to disrespect the more conservative norms in the Middle East when it comes to showing physical affection. A few days later they were seen holding hands when they visited Italy.

Is there any truth to the Melania Trump affair rumor? Is there more to the story or is it baseless gossip? The true state of her marriage to Donald Trump is endlessly speculated upon. Melania will be moving to the White House after Barron finishes school in New York in June. The reason for her staying behind in New York City at Trump Tower after the election was reportedly to allow the 11-year-old to finish out the school year.”

This “author” has the audacity to try and call ou the President of the United States, asking him if his wife was cheating on him with this security guard.

I know that as Americans the President is supposed to be a public servant and all of that. But even if you don’t respect the man, you respect the office, because millions and millions of people think that he was the guy to represent us to the world, and if his opinion ratings are any indication, we also think he’s doing a darn good job.

So please, take your petty rumors and ridiculous smear campaigns elsewhere, because the President and First Lady have a country to run and a family to spend time with.

(Source: Inquisitr)

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