Disgusting Liberals Blame Ivanka For Being ATTACKED By An Angry Gay Couple

Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Elect Donald Trump, was harassed on a JetBlue flight by a married gay couple. One of he men was holding their child when he began screaming at Ivanka that her father was destroying this country. Trump’s three adolescent children were sitting next to her while it happened.

The two men were ultimately escorted off the plane and rerouted via a different flight. They were being loud and disruptive and the flight attendants were having none of it. People online and via social media went collectively crazy. Even Hillary Clinton supporters came to Ivanka’s defense arguing she did it deserve to be treated like that.

But some ridiculous liberals actually defended the two men who were harassing her and her family. They basically said that Ivanka deserved the hardassment and that there was nothing wrong with what they did. See there Twitter reactions here,ce660b72-42d9-4daa-8c39-8da667f2b541-539-000000b764435eb0_tmp

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Only in liberal world do they stand on their high horse preaching about the folly of victim blaming and then blame the woman who was harassed for the actions of the harasser. People have a right to live freely without fear of harrassment. But because Ivanka and her family are conservative and her father is now a Republican president they now somehow want to change the rules.

They cannot have it both ways. This behavior is utterly unacceptable and should not be accepted. Hopefully once Donald Trump takes office this type of nonsense will no longer be to tolerated. Had she taken a private plane via her father they would have criticized her anyways for being a privilege princess. Now they criticize her while flying coach on a standard flight at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City, New York.

She would have been absolutely justified if she had defended her family.

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