Hysterical liberals have found something new to complain about. This time, it’s a simple Thanksgiving message.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Washington Redskins football team sent out this photo message to their followers on Twitter:

Some media outlets and commentators labeled the message “ironic” — but they completely failed to explain how it is “irony” for a football team to wish people a happy holiday.

Others just whined. As usual.

You might think that “Happy Thanksgiving from the Redskins” is a fairly innocent holiday greeting, but it triggered an avalanche of outrage from liberals, who quickly labeled it “awkward” and “tone deaf.”



Users on Twitter also called out and mocked the team for sending the holiday message.


But not everybody jumped on the hysteria bandwagon. There were a few voices of reason:


The real interesting part of the entire Redskins controversy is that genuine Native Americans have repeatedly voiced their support of the team name, and natives actuallyhelped design the iconic logo.

Tribes have also defended the name, and some Native Americans have adopted the “Redskins” name for their own local teams.

Even if there are valid reasons to change the name, it should be the team’s decision after an intelligent discussion — not a knee-jerk reaction based on bullying from the media.

It’s good to see the team refuse to back down to liberal pressure, and stand up for free speech.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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