Before Liberals Mock Trump’s Inaugural Crowd They Should Take One Look At This SHOCKING Image!

The inaugural festivities have exposed the left for exactly who they are. Which is ungracious losers. They bullied Donald Trump’s young son Barron. As well, they used false pictures to depict the inauguration as having fewer people there than in actuality. New Press Secretary Sean Spicer appeared before the press core shortly after the inauguration to chastise them for the false reporting.

CNN is known to be one of the worst offenders. Which is why President Trump called them out at a recent press conference and told them not to be rude and that they were fake news. Spicer went in on the press core for falsely making it look like nobody attended the inauguration. In reality, the media put out a picture in the early hours of the morning prior to the large groups showing up. This drastically altered the perception of how many people were in the audience.

Look at some of the reactions on Twitter by people. They were not pleased at all with this unfair and duplicitous form of journalism. If you can even call it that. But the best reaction was when somebody compared the actual inauguration with the one that Hillary Clinton had…

The best way to combat a liar is to throw humor in their face and that is exactly what these social media users did. As Spicer pointed out in his press conference the number of people who attended the inauguration as well as the Women’s March is not a number that will ever be known. The only thing that authorities can track is how many people used public metro access. Thus, it is impossible to know the exact difference in people who showed up to the former Presidents inauguration and who showed up to President Trumps.

Karma always has a way of rearing its ugly head. Democrats will pay for this eventually.

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