LIBERALS Outraged ‘White’ Cop Praised as Hero For Shooting Muslim Refugee Terrorist

Well if this is is proof of anything, it’s proof that this Nation lacks not in a-holes. FAR FAR FAAAAR left documentary filmmaker, Tariq Nasheed, had the audacity to get on social media and say that using the term ‘hero’ to describe the ‘white’ police officer who had to shoot and kill a Somali stabbing suspect was… wait for it…RACIST.

Like I said… a-hole. Am I right?

Here…this is one of those things you have to see to believe.

This idiot SELF described ‘anti-racism strategist’ claims that Ohio State university Police OFficer, Alan Horujko was only being called a ehro because he was white, and the suspect was black and Muslim.

“So white officer Alan Horujko who shot and killed the Black Somali stabbing suspect in Ohio is being paraded as a hero,” Nasheed wrote. “Thats interesting.”

No douche bag, not interesting…but true.

One definition for a hero would be one who risks his or her own life to save the lives of others. I mean, his statement is quite honestly too stupid to even comprehend…and he should go slap himself. With a shoe.

But wait, this gets even more ridiculous. He then attempted to back up his so-called theory by pointing out a shooting incident last month in Boston.

Why? Because he’s a moron.

A story where officers saved LIVES, and labeled as heroes. He disagreed of course.

However, some people avenged the truth…with ‘common sense’. Check this out:

Other Twitter users, some who even had children attending OSU, accused Nasheed of attempting to create racial division.

I don’t know how people without any sense get to have articles written about them and a following…it’s a damn mystery to me. Here’s hoping that this mans lack of intelligence does not rub off on people who hear his claim.

I don’t think our nation can take on anymore stupidity.

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