Liberals Are Pissed After What Conservatives Just Did While Everyone Was Asleep! Ohh The Irony

It’s hilarious that the same liberals who’ve had no problem with President Obama’s executive overreach for the past eight years are now suddenly concerned about Donald Trump potentially abusing his power.

It goes to show that liberals don’t have a problem with abuse of power – they just don’t want the other side doing it.

The latest thing they’re pissed about is no abuse of power – it’s a lawful repeal of the disaster that is ObamaCare. It’s not an abuse of power – it’s the price they’re paying for losing!

According to The New Civil Rights Movement:

For more than seven hours Senate Democrats fought the GOP majority in an overnight battle to try to save Obamacare, or at least protect the parts most Americans say they want to keep, but it was an exercise in futility. By 1:25 AM Thursday morning, Senate Republicans defeated every single Democratic amendment, and passed a budget resolution that will allow them to pull the plug on Obamacare. The vote was 51-48. Because Republicans are claiming this is a budget resolution, only a simple majority was needed.

Despite promises from leading Republicans, including President-elect Donald Trump, gone will be the ability for parents to keep their children on their health insurance until age 26, gone will be the ban on insurance companies refusing to pay for pre-existing conditions — including pregnancy, cancer, HIV, and diabetes, gone will be the mandate that insurers must pay for contraception coverage. Democrats filed amendments to save them all, all were defeated.

Dem Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand really lost it.

In case you couldn’t tell the tone, the author of the article quoted above is freaking out.



Republicans aren’t giving an inch – and that’s promising for the future.

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