Liberals Protesting Trump’s Strike On Syria Turns Violent When They Attack Cops – Get BRUTAL ASS Whooping Instead!

Six people were arrested in Jacksonville, Florida during an anti-war protest that resulted in a violent scuffle between protesters and members of the law enforcement authority. Liberal snowflakes are once again showing how thin their skin is. Look at some of the violent brawls that took place during their so-called peaceful protests.

Over two hundred people had gathered at the Hemming Park in Jacksonville. The protesters could be heard chanting things such as, “Hands off Syria!” and “No justice, no peace, US out of the Middle East!”

Things got violent when counter-protestors showed up. When one of them flew a Donald Trump flag it facilitated an argument that turned violent. Police officers who tried breaking up the fight reportedly got choked, punched, attacked, and even kicked. They all had to be split up.

One witness named Tavares Beaver told the Florida Times-Union the following,

It should have been resolved way better than it was. There shouldn’t have been no fighting. For the police to beat another guy and slam another woman, I don’t think there’s no peace in that. The only thing the girl was doing was breaking it up, but she gets slammed on the ground and put in handcuffs.”

At the end of the day, six people were arrested for resisting arrest. As well as charges of assaulting police officers and a marijuana possession. These protests were organized on social media via the group, the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition.

The protests took place because of the Trump administration’s recent launch of tomahawk missiles off an American vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. They are calling the allegations of chemical attacks by the Assad regime unsubstantiated and were calling for a bipartisan independent investigation.

They are promising to hold more protests. They have a right to protest but not to violently attack police officers. They deserve everything they get for violating the law. They should be ashamed and embarrassed of themselves.

What the Assad regime did by leaking chemical weapons on their citizens was a gross human rights violations. Hundreds of small children and families died as a result of the attack and their deaths should not be in vain. These protestors have no clue what they are doing. Or the severity of the consequences of their actions.

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