Wow! Liberals Call Police Officer A Racist For Shooting Ohio State Jihadist

There are people so deep into social justice that yesterday’s terrorist attack at Ohio State University has someone managed to be turned into a racial issue.

Of all things controversial, you’d think that shooting a man in the middle of a terrorist attack would be about the least. But nope, according to “American author, documentary film producer, media personality, satirist, Internet radio host, relationship expert” Tariq Nasheed, the only reason people are happy the terrorist was shot is because he was black!

Yes, really.

As Red State Watcher reported:

Not everyone agrees Horujko is a hero — especially liberals. Check out what this person wrote on Twitter:


This is Officer Horujko.


It was refreshing to see that few actually agreed with this insanity, as Tariq was quickly blasted from Left, Right, and Center following his idiotic Tweet.

Nasheed attempted to back up his theory by pointing to a shooting incident last month in Boston in which he claimed no officers were labeled as heroes. As one Twitter user quickly pointed out, the officers actually were……

Well, this anti-racist activist sounds a bit, well, racist.

The entire thread of tweets in response to his is worth reading in full. He’s even resorted to accusing Black Lives Matter members who disagree with him as being White supremacists. What a time to be alive.

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