LIBERALS REJOICE! 75 Year-Old TRUMP Voter BRUTALLY Stabbed To Death By Thugs!

It’s been over a week since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, and rioters are still out destroying their own communities.

And despite liberals complaining about a wave of non-existent hate crimes that have supposedly emerged following Trump’s victory, they’re more than happy about Trump supporters being assaulted.

Take Symone Sanders as an example, a CNN political commentator you’re lucky to have never heard of. Just like many other liberals, she’s ringing the alarm that Donald Trump’s victory will unleash a wave of hate crimes against women, the LGBT community, Hispanics, blacks…. and every single identity except “straight white male” apparently.

In the very segment where she complained about hate crimes committed in Trump’s name, she mocked and dismissed a Donald Trump supporter who was beat up by a Chicago mob  because he was white. “Oh my goodness, poor white people! Please!” the idiot stated.

So Symone, what do you think about someone being KILLED by one of your fellow protestors? As USA NewsFlash reported:

A businessman, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, named Thomas Shaw Jr. Was murdered today. A great model of citizen who has provided more than 20 jobs.

Reported by End The Fed, he was murdered allegedly by one Corwin Walker. According to police, Walker culturally enriched Shaw in the form of stabbing him to death.Shaw was well known for being a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. Along with friends, he created the “Stumping for Trump” bus tour.

Shaw’s name will not be a hashtag. There will be no huge protests or heavily funded activism efforts to demand justice for his murder. Indeed, don’t speak up too loudly about the realities of crime in Montgomery or anywhere else in the country or else the SPLC will do its best to destroy your life. Noticing patterns is seen as far more immoral in our collapsing country than being a murderer. Just save your money and try to move away and isolate yourself from it all. (Until the feds dump a Section 8 housing development in your town and you have to do it all over again.)

The funeral and burial have already taken place but you can read Shaw’s obituary and sign the guest book here– [In memory of Thomas Shaw Jr.,]

Where are the peaceful and tolerant liberals condemning this? Let’s be honest; if they can’t politicize someone’s death, they don’t even pretend to care about it.

That’s liberal “compassion” for ya!


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