Liberals Who Rioted At Inauguration Just Got Slapped By MASSIVE Dose Of Karma

Over 230 protesters were arrested after rioting took place following the swearing in of President Donald Trump. These are people from DisruptJ20 and Black Bloc primarily. They are radical communists and anarchists bent on stopping Trump from fixing the nation and ridding it of the Marxist policies implemented by Barack Obama. Charges can include a $25,000 fine and up to ten years in prison. I hope they throw the book at these thugs.

The protesters burned Trump t-shirts and hats… they burned the American flag. Anarchists took bats to the windows of Bank of America, McDonald’s and Starbucks. They threw bricks at police and spit on them. They were armed with crowbars and hammers. They set a limousine on fire and scrawled the words, ‘We The People’ on it for good measure. A US attorney says the protesters will be charged with felony rioting. Good.

From TruthFeed:

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of D.C. and launched a violent rampage just blocks away from the White House smashing store windows, setting fire to cars and throwing bricks at the police.

There are 230 rioters arrested after violent protests erupted in D.C. following Trump’s inauguration and will be charged with felony rioting.

The charge carries a punishment of up to ten years in jail and a $25,000 fine.

From Daily Mail

  • 230 people have been arrested and six police officers injured in the D.C.protests against President Trump
  • Many any of those arrested will reportedly face up to a 10 year prison sentence and $25,000 fine
  • A violent rampage started two blocks from the White House in McPherson Square and along K Street 
  • A limo was set on fire after destructive demonstrators threw a flare into its shattered windows 
  • Police with shields lined up and blocked the parade route as riots broke out around the city
  • Officials have used tear gas, pepper spray and flash bang grenades on the mob 
  • Windows have been smashed at Starbucks, McDonald’s and Bank of America buildings
  • Broadcaster Larry King said the windows of his SUV were smashed by protesters while he was in studios

A violent rampage started two blocks from the White House in McPherson Square and along K Street. In other areas, human chains were formed to keep Trump supporters out of designated events. Bikers for Trump were there and got people through just as they promised.

Police lined up with shields. They used tear gas and pepper spray, as well as water cannons and flash grenades. It was definitely a party. Broadcaster Larry King said the windows of his SUV were smashed by protesters while he was in his studio. The scenes were more reminiscent of Europe’s riots than America’s.

Just before the parade started, clashes broke out between more than 400 stone-throwing protesters and riot police in McPherson Square – just blocks from the parade in honor of newly sworn-in President Trump. Anarchists set things ablaze and started throwing bricks, stones and rocks.

Make no mistake, there is a civil war blossoming in our streets and this won’t end well. The leftists are vowing to keep this up for four to eight years. Trump may have to come down on them hard and I can’t blame him. People are going to get killed if this keeps up.
















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