Liberals Are TERRIFIED After Sheriff Clarke Explains The ONLY REASON He’d Reach Across The Aisle!

Sheriff Clarke is the baddest sheriff in town. He just said something that has every fish face skeezer and cuck liberal so terrified, that when they see him, they’re going to cross the street in fear.

And it’s not because he’s black.

It’s because he’s about to reach over and grab these damn liberal weaklings by the throat and straighten them the hell out.

We need real men like Sheriff Clarke to restore the toughness, the grit, the masculinity to our country and our citizens. We have too many whiny little beta males prancing the streets in their skinny jeans, preaching at feminist.



Downtrend reports – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke made a Thursday night appearance at the “DeploraBall” — the pre-inauguration party organized by some of Donald Trump’s more prominent alt-right supporters.

While addressing the boisterous crowd from the stage, Clarke, who is a registered Democrat and has run as a Democrat in each of his elections as Milwaukee County sheriff, said the only way he’d reach across the aisle to work with liberal politicians would be “to grab one of them by the throat,” AOL is reporting.

“You may know me, you may not,” Clarke told the crowd. “I am one of those bare-knuckle fighters. When I hear people say we need to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats, you know what I say? The only reason I’ll be reaching across the aisle is to grab one of them by the throat.”

Following his speech, Clarke was asked by Business Insider why he so viciously slammed Democrats when he runs as one.

Democrats, he said, do “nothing for black people and I’m tired of that.”

This could be you when you see Sheriff Clarke and he sees you acting like a clueless democrat.


If we let liberals and democrats continue with their gender identity crisis, then in 20 years we’re not going to have a military anymore, we’re going to have a national beta male dance team. They will prance to war with fake beards, skinny jeans, and try to be all “I have rights” and intellectual with someone like ISIS who just giggles, beheads them, and plays soccer with their face. GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!

Sheriff Clarke is here to remind you that he will reach over and grab you by your puny neck and straighten your ass out. Don’t try him, boy!

Clarke talks about democrats doing nothing for black people. He’s right. If you’re a black person who lives in an inner city that’s flushed with violence, crime, and poverty and your city is ran by a democrat mayor, then what have they done for you lately?

Cities with a history of being run by democrats are historically linked to poverty. Democrats keep you poor because it helps democrats have their job in politics. If you’re poor, then you want welfare, then democrats say “vote for me and I’ll give you welfare” and you vote for them just to get by. America’s poor urban citizens need to stop voting for democrats.

But democrats won’t ever bring a poor city out of poverty.

When poor people escape poverty, then they become republicans.

Republicans are winners.

Democrats force you to be losers.

Democrats are selfish and do nothing to help their own people.

Sheriff Clarke is here to whip you into shape if you can’t figure this out by now.

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