Liberals’ SICK Reaction After Trump Supporter Is Kidnapped and Tortured: This Is INFURIATING!

Four black people kidnapped a special needs guy, took him to some random building via stolen vehicle, then beat him, cut his head open, made him drink nasty toilet water, disavowed white people, yelled things like “F*ck Trump” and committed one of the nastiest hate crimes we’ve seen in ages.

You know what happens next right? This is when the idiot liberals start defending the criminals and making excuses for their terrible inhumane behavior.


It’s like what they did when the democrats lost the 2016 election. They made excuses for why they lost. It had to be Russian hackers. It was this. It was that.

Now we have black people committing a racist hate crime targetting a white helpless victim and even bringing Donald Trump into it and a democratic strategist is reminding us how stupid the left is by not calling a race fueled beating that was streamed on Facebook live.

She’s joking right?

She says hate crimes are because of certain things, such as racial ethnicity and disability.

Did she really just say that?

Because in the video, there’s four black folks destroying a white person who is mentally challenged. That covers racial ethnicity and disability. That’s a hate crime.

You want to know what another hate crime is? That bad haircut of Symone Sanders. Damn she is hard to look at. That’s a hate crime to me because I hate looking at her and hearing her drivel over this nonsense when she’s wrong time after time.

Please lady, just call it a hate crime like it is. Just because you’re black too, that doesn’t mean you need to make excuses for when other black people commit heinous crimes. It’s almost as though Sanders is sticking up for the four people who viciously beat up a white disabled kid on Facebook live.

Sanders is delusional and must be suffering from that disease called liberalism. People like her, who make excuses for sick behavior, instead of speaking against it, is what propels others to keep doing it When a hate crime like this happens, then we ALL need to speak up against it.

Just so everyone knows, the four thugs who were arrested for this hate crime were officially charged with a hate crime. Does the democratic strategist with liberalism disease believe us now?

Mediaite reports – Tonight, CNN’s Don Lemon gathered a panel to discuss the story of a disturbing Facebook Live video out of Chicago in which a group of young black adults broadcast their torture of a young white mentally disabled man. While holding their victim hostage, they cut his scalp, burned him with cigarettes and kicked him, all while shouting “f*ck Donald Trump! F*ck white people!”

At the beginning of the conversation, Lemon turned to CNN political commentator and Democratic strategist Symone Sanders. Stating that he can’t say it’s a hate crime because police are still investigating, he asked the former Bernie Sanders campaign spox her thoughts.

After calling it “sickening,” Sanders gave the following observation: “But I’m gonna say something that’s probably not very popular — we cannot callously go about classifying things as a hate crime.”

After wondering if it were hate for Trump or white people, she expanded on he point. “If we start going around and anytime someone says or does something egregious or bad and sickening in sense,” she noted. “In connection with the president-elect Donald Trump or even President Obama for that matter because of their political leanings, that’s slippery territory. That is not a hate crime.”

If hating a President was a crime, then we’d all be in trouble for what we think about Obama.

However, this Chicago hate crime where BLACK people tortured a WHITE DISABLED guy on Facebook live is a hate crime because of their hate towards whites and the disabled.

Could care less what they said about Donald Trump. Who cares about that. Lot’s of people say bad things about President. We’ve been saying F*CK OBAMA for eight years, so that’s no big deal.

But don’t tell me that four blacks who kidnap a disabled white guy and torture him is not a hate crime.

It’s 110% hate and another 110% crime.

This is just as bad as the white guy who raped a black guy with a hangar.

They should all share a prison cell together!

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