Liberals Slam Whole Foods For Feeding National Guard Members in Baltimore (PHOTO)


From Mad World: Officers are working tirelessly around the clock to secure Baltimore in the midst of riots that have been ongoing since Monday. One grocery store chain recognized the exhaustion these brave men and woman must be facing and did their part to give back. But their good deed backfired when insensitive idiots felt the company’s generosity should have been directed at a different group.

Whole Foods put together lunches for the law enforcement standing guard against the crazed lunatic rioters in Baltimore, but they quickly found themselves battling a firestorm of controversy after the store posted about their effort online.

“We teamed up with Whole Foods Market Mt. Washington to make sandwiches for the men and women keeping Baltimore safe. We are so thankful to have them here and they’re pumped for Turkey & Cheese,” one of the supermarket’s local stores posted online.

A flood of hateful tweets came pouring in, angry that the organic grocer would feed the National Guards and not hungry kids in the city who are in need of food.


Whole Foods responded in defense of their decision, despite removing the post that caused such a stir.

“We’re all Baltimoreans and have supported community organizations for many years to improve lives around our city. Currently, we are providing food and water to children across our city by partnering with rec centers and community organizations, and have been doing so in parallel with providing food and water to first responders,” a spokeswoman told ABC News.

Meanwhile, some people with common sense started to comment:


Regarding of taking the original post down, even though they stand in support of law enforcement, the spokeswoman said that “it did not accurately reflect all our local stores are doing to feed people across this city, especially children.”

No good deed goes unpunished and that goes for the grocery store’s gesture as well as police who are trying to protect Baltimoreans from themselves. The anti-cop talk needs to stop, since the city’s finest wouldn’t have to be there, using up time and resources, if these animals were contributing members of society in the first place.

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