Liberals Get Hysterical Over Trump Attorney Purge—Then He Releases This Secret Document That Shuts Them All Up!

There has been extensive media coverage over the firing of state attorneys. The liberal mainstream media has been trashing the administration for asking for the resignation of forty-six attorneys. The media has been behaving as if this is the first time this has been done. But think again.

Every new administration prefers to bring in and appoint their own state attorneys. As is the case in most if not all administrations. Thus, it is common place to keep the ones they want and get rid of the ones they don’t.

A 1993 letter has resurfaced that was addressed to then state attorney Jeff Sessions by Attorney General Janet Reno. On behalf of President Bill Clinton, Sessions was asked to resign his post and send a letter to John Podesta.

Reno fired as many as ninety-six attorneys. Only an attorney from New Jersey was spared. 1993 was the very first year of Clinton’s presidency. Yet since the Justice Department let go of forty-six Obama era attorneys everyone has been going crazy as if this is the first time this has been done. When in reality it hasn’t.

He chose to keep attorneys he was confident would carry out his policy proposals and ideas. That is politics. It is a game. When new people come in old people go out. That is simply the way it works. If people don’t like that then they should reevaluate the business they are analyzing.

This isn’t a controversy at all yet it is being treated as such. The only reason people are up in arms about it is because it was done under the Donald Trump administration. If they can blame Donald Trump for anything they will. Even if what he did is done by every incoming president who was just elected. It is shameful.

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