Despicable! Look What Liberals Are Already Doing To President Trump’s Tennessee Rally

The radical left in Tennessee have posted an urgent notice, calling for all like-minded leftists to deliberately keep President Trump’s March 15th NASHVILLE, TN rally attendance low. So how do they propose they do this? Simple.

By buying up as many of the rally tickets as possible before any of the Presidents supporters can. In the words of their Twitter page: Buy as many tickets as possible to keep the supporters from being there!

If that isn’t a douchey way to go about protests, then I don’t know what is…

The organizer is named Sebastian Moceri (Oh, geez) and shared some of his instructions on how to break up President Trump’s rally…And I guess somehow feel better about themselves?

This was taken from a separate page called “Defeat Bob Corker, 2018:

I believe in our haste to stick it to Trump, we’re possibly neglecting a major opportunity to spotlight the resistance in the heart of a Trump-loving red state. I hear some bad information going around and some frustration as well.”

Spoken like a true, self-unaware elitist. When someone from a place you’re not from makes a decision to support a person that you do not like, you try to label and demean them…How enlightened of you.

So let’s clear this up: If you register for tickets to not go, those seats won’t be empty. The tickets don’t guarantee the seats. They are purposely overselling the venue so that they can fill it with whoever does show up (and doesn’t get escorted out for protesting). To show up wearing pink hats, yellow roses, or any other identifying outfits would mean simply getting bullied in the venue until Trump or venue staff walks you out.”

Oh, there’s more…Keep reading down this rabbit hole:

What I (and others in this group and in other groups) propose is this: the most effective form of resistance in the face of an egomaniac who constantly watches the news is a blow to his ego with national coverage. If we fill the venue with resistors rather than supporters, silently sit in our seats until he walks onstage, stand and turn our backs silently the second he takes the mic and simply stand there for several minutes while it sinks in, then walk out on an agreed upon cue, there is no way that goes unnoticed by him or national news.

Again. How old are you people? What kind of psychos do this? You have to have so much control over other people’s lives, that you need to screw them out of a ticket to prove a perverse point? What is the point, anyways?! Is your cause just to disrupt? Such insanity from the left…

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