Liberals Want To Divide Americans By Race, But What This Boy Just Did Will Restore Your Faith In America

Every once in a while a good deed goes viral and restores our faith in humanity. Well the time has come and this one will warm your heart. A 14-year-old boy from Lousiville, Kentucky was photographed giving his shoes to a homeless man. Someone snapped a picture and posted it to social media where it later went viral.

The young boy is Laron Tunstill Jr. Whose nickname is Ron Ron. He was doing homeless outreach work on Labor Day with other members of PurpMe, a local non-profit organization.

PurpMe founder Jason Reynolds spoke to ABC News and said,

Ron Ron and I went out with bean soup and corn bread and just went out to spread love in our neighborhood. We saw a homeless man who had holes in his shoes, and, without hesitation, Ron Ron took the shoes off his feet and gave it away. They sat and talked to each other. The homeless man explained that he had gone through a lot of loss and hurt in his life, and Ron Ron was very moved by his story.

Ron Ron was a wild kid. He grew up in a rough area where people get shot all the time. The streets affected him a little, and at one point, he was fighting more, being disrespectful.”

Reynolds said he was touched by Ron Ron’s story so he reached out to him and functioned as his surrogate mentor. He said that Ron Rin eventually had a change of heart which he thanks God’s grace and help for.

He said,

Now, he’s the one mentoring other kids. It’s amazing. He’s just so passionate to make a change in the world and inspire other people.”

The photograph has gotten thousands and thousands of shares and comments on social media, touching the hearts of many across the United States.

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