‘Tolerant’ Liberals Make White Guy Pay SICK Price After They See What’s Poking Out Of His Pocket

If you’re looking for a peaceful and tolerant group of people to beat the dickens out of you, then take a trip to Austin, Texas. The liberals there are violent and intolerant. Heck, they’ll beat you up just for being gay or having a Donald Trump lighter. I thought the liberals were all about the LGBBQT?

If you’re wondering what being gay and having a Donald Trump lighter have to do with anything, then you should know that’s exactly what caused a liberal to violently attack Scott Sauter. He’s gay and had a Trump lighter. He was catching a smoke when he ran into an irate liberal who may have broken out of his mother’s basement and was taking his rage out on the world.

Here’s what Scott looks like after the violent liberal attacked him.

scott-sauter scott-sauter1 scott-sauter2

Scott Sauter, a gay conservative, was walking from a comedy club back to his apartment in the Riverside Neighborhood of Austin, Texas this Sunday when he was brutally attacked, just for supporting our president.

Scott contacted The Gateway Pundit with his story.

Scott was beaten unconscious because he is a Trump supporter.

The tolerant and peaceful left could do themselves a favor and start reading right wing/conservative news outlets. If they had half of a working brain, then they would realize that leftists have become everything they’re fighting against. The Antifa (short for anti-fascist) is actually quite fascist.

They’re so blinded by their cause that they don’t realize their own worst enemy is themselves. Every violent protest. Every violent attack. Every ridiculous thing they do only makes more people dislike them and vote against them.

The republicans could have run Osama Bin Laden as their candidate for President and we would’ve voted for him just to shove a rugged rock down the vile throat of these mindless crazed leftists.

People didn’t care who ran for President on the right, they just voted to shut up the liberals.

Hillary didn’t lose this election because of her. Trump didn’t win because of him. Trump won because the country is tired of dealing with babies known as liberals.

Liberals are so annoying that they literally made Hillary lose.

Liberals need to look in the mirror, realize the way they act is babyish, realize people literally hate them, realize that protests and violence don’t solve problems, and maybe grow up a little before trying to spread their nonsense.

As of now, liberals are anti-American fascists and if they keep this behavior up, then Donald Trump will easily win another four years in the White House and democrats may not ever get in again.

For the liberals, there will be hell toupé if they continue down the path of mindless self-implosion.


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