Right After Ignorant Libs Block Trump’s Travel Ban, Our WORST Nightmare Was Discovered Inside Mosque

The left has been protesting President Trump’s travel ban, but they fail to see the reasons behind it. These people are so caught up in being politically correct that they have lost all their sensibilities in the process. The only reason this temporary ban has even been implemented is because of the influx of refugees pouring into our country. There is nothing wrong with double checking who is coming into the country, and after this stunning report, that CNN has released, makes it all the more reason for this travel ban I am still amazed that CNN even ran this story.

As it turns out the Venezuelan government officials have potentially sold passports to people who may have terrorist ties. If this does not convince liberals that Trump is absolutely correct in this travel, nothing will.

Here is what CNN discovered:

CNN and CNN en Español teamed up in a year-long joint investigation that uncovered serious irregularities in the issuing of Venezuelan passports and visas, including allegations that passports were given to people with ties to terrorism. The investigation involved reviewing thousands of documents and conducting interviews in the U.S., Spain, Venezuela and the United Kingdom.”

One confidential intelligence document obtained by CNN links Venezuela’s new Vice President Tareck El Aissami to 173 Venezuelan passports and ID’s that were issued to individuals from the Middle East, including people connected to the terrorist group Hezbollah.”

I am still amazed that CNN even ran this story, but I am glad they did. These potential terrorists gain access to passports and then are able to travel wherever they choose and hide in mosques for safety. This refugee situation is completely out of control and finding out that other countries are aiding and abetting the enemy is quite disturbing. This travel ban must stay in effect until we are able to vet all these people and check every mosque in America until we wash out the enemy.

I am just glad that Donald Trump is at the helm and making sure that America’s citizens are safe.

What do you think?

H/T [ Red State Watcher ]

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