Libs literally can’t handle that Trump just hit it out of the park on the ‘Tonight Show’ … and it’s glorious

If you’re a liberal or democrat, then prepare to have your head spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist movies.

If you’re just about anyone else, then prepare for a good laugh as you see Donald Trump in his normal citizen mode, thanks to Jimmy Fallon and this clip from The Tonight Show.

BizPac Review – Fallon observed that at their next meeting Trump “could be the president of the United States,” and asked permission to do something non-presidential before that very real possibility.

Although the audience loved it and screamed in delight, liberal heads immediately exploded and the heads’ owners vented their wrath on social media.

I always thought Donald Trump wore a wig, but then I thought to myself “who would wear a wig that bad?”

Then I thought that Donald Trump had hair plugs. That’s probably wrong too.

Jimmy Fallon proved that there’s nothing mysterious about Donald Trump’s hair.

So it’s just that Donald Trump has really wacky orange hair and Jimmy Fallon proved that by rubbing Trump’s hair super hard and messed it up beyond recognition.

This was a great, fun, and entertaining clip showing the normal everyday people side of Donald Trump.

Do you think Hillary Clinton would let Jimmy Fallon mess up her hair?

Do you think she would pass out during that if it happened?

That’s a major difference maker between both candidates. I can’t imagine Hillary doing anything this personable with other people. Just by watching clips (recent and old) of her speaking with the public, she’s just not a very friendly person. There’s clips of her sorta lashing out at people where she may not have realized that someone was recording.

Apparently there’s secret service memoirs where they state mistreatment by her during Bill Clinton’s Presidency and stay at the White House with her and Monica.

Would you vote for someone who seemed so out of touch or hard to relate to?

I don’t think I would, would you?

Here’s what’s happening to head spinning liberals and democrats right now.



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