HOLY CRAP! Libs Just Sent HUGE ‘GET LOST’ To U.S. With Secret Call To Muslims On Statue Of Liberty…Look Closely!

There has been talk of the Statue of Liberty since the executive order placing a temporary travel ban on immigration was put in placed. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright made comments to reporters that she felt the Statue of Liberty was crying tears right now because of Donald Trump’s actions. Now liberals are making up even worse stories by trying to rewrite history to suit their own narrative.

The mainstream liberal media is claiming that the Statue of Liberty was based on a Muslim woman. This is all in light of the recent immigration order that bans people from seven countries from entering the United States.

Both CBS and Yahoo carried the stories. However, in reality, the Statue was based on the Roman goddess Libertas. Which is why she is named the Statue of Liberty. If she were depicted after a Muslim woman would she not have something covered over her whole body let alone her head?


This is yet another ridiculous accusation that has no basis or grounds in reality. The mainstream liberal media wants nothing more than more evidence to prove the sharia infiltration into the United States. But it is simply incorrect. It is not based in reality.

Considering all the terrorist attacks that have happened on American soil and overseas it is a downright insult to argue that the Statue of Liberty was based on a Muslim woman. Especially in New York City of all places which is the site of the September 11th attacks. However, who cares about insulting hard working Americans and patriots when you want to prove a point regardless of how deceitful and incorrect your statements are.

Liberals should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. This is embarrassing and there is no excuse for their behavior. This is the real fake news.

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