HOLY COW! Trump Just Granted Barron Special Permission For Risky Position — Libs Are FREAKING Out!

Libs PISSED At What Trump Just Gave Barron Permission To Do That No Other First Son Has Done Before!

Liberals have been on the attack of President Trump’s 10-year-old son since the second his father was sworn into office. The slander had seemingly slowed down in the last week or so, until our unconventional Commander-in-Chief just gave them new reason to come at the boy after what his dad granted him special permission to do that no other First Son or Daughter has done before.

Trump doesn’t make excuses or apologies for anything he does as the president and certainly not as a parent. He’s worked hard to keep his youngest child out of the limelight to allow him to just be a kid and have as normal of a childhood as possible when your dad is one of the most powerful men in the world. However, after a brief reprieve, liberals seem to have found him again after hearing the controversial thing that Trump will be doing in the near future that’s made Barron a target all over again.

During a radio interview this past Sunday with Jim Gray of Westwood One Sports, Trump talked football with the host who asked if football was a sport that he would ever feel comfortable allowing his son or grandsons to play, considering the high rate of serious injury. Trump responded, “If they wanted, I would allow them to play, but I will say that they have to be very careful.” He added that he wouldn’t push the sport on any of the kids, that it was a decision that each child would have to decide for themselves if they were interested. Seems like pretty sound advice and good parenting, but not for liberals who couldn’t believe that he would allow his son to participate in such a dangerous sport.

The difference between Trump and the snowflakes who hate him is that he sees overprotective parenting as damaging to a child who doesn’t learn how to take risks and achieve their dreams. If more liberals would have played team sports where everyone isn’t given a trophy, they wouldn’t be dealing with these entitlement issues like we’re seeing today. Contact sports would also toughen them up and prove no need to “safe spaces.”

The fear of football threatens the future of the sport but also perpetuates overwhelming sensitivity in society. Trump is America’s quarterback leading this nation into a big win and it’s awesome that he’ll allow Barron to play football if he wants to, because he doesn’t raise fearful losers.

h/t: [WesternJournalism]

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