Lil Wayne SHOCKS BLM THUGS, Says Black Cops Left Him To Die, But A White Cop Did This…!


Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. has come out and shared with the world an experience he had that has been one of the biggest truth telling points of his life.

When it comes to matters of skin color, he says racism does not exist, or at least he has never experienced it. In fact, the story he shares is from when was 12 years old.

He had accidentally shot himself, and while all the black cops stepped over his bleeding body to look for evidence of drugs or illegal activity, it was the white police officer that came to his side to attend to him. Not only attend to him, but showed a genuine concern for young Wayne’s life.

…because to this police officer, all lives mattered.

He also backs up his claim by sharing who his concert goers are. All of his concerts have huge numbers of white fans who love his music and by his tickets to see him and support him.

He described the officers who ignored him to be blacker than he was, and the officer who saved his life to be ‘white as snow’

‘I thought that was clearly a message that were was no such thing as racism,’ he admitted to Bayless, whose dumbfounded look matched his dumb face.

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He says the Police Officer who was known around the hood as ‘Uncle Bob’, yelled at his fellow officers for ignoring him, and then personally drove Carter to the hospital himself.

‘(He) stood there and waited until the doctor said “He’s gonna make it” yeah, he was a cop, and my life was saved by a white man. I don’t know what racism is.’

Lil Wayne understands that racism does exist for some, but says when he looks out from the stage, he sees ALL colors. He knows he’s been blessed throughout his life and to deny this truth, would be to deny his blessings were from God. For this reason, he cannot join the Blacklivesmatter fight.

‘It’s the world out there. It’s not a certain part or a certain kind or a certain culture or whatever of people, it’s people – those people out there in that crowd, I’m blessed to have that opportunity, so with that said I can only be honest with such a thing, I have never witnessed racism.’

Lil Wayne also told the New York Times:

I’m not that, and honestly, I don’t care. I care what’s going on with me and my kids and my world and my mom and who’s going to pay this next bill. That’s what matters to me.’

With pure honesty like this, it’s hard not to admire the guy, right?