Limbaugh Just Dropped BIG Bombshell On LIVE TV About What Barack Obama Knew His WHOLE Presidency!

The greatest issue being reported on at the moment is the alleged ties between the United States, President Trump, his administration, Michael Flynn, and Russia. Everyone is greatly concerned and with good reason. Russia has long been a frenemy. Not a friend but an ally when it suits both our purposes. But making them very untrustworthy.

Pundits, reporters, administration officials, and citizens have all been offering up their opinions and interpretations of the issue. It has become such a large issue that the greatest parts of Donald Trump’s campaign promises are being pushed to the wayside. Issues such as border security, heavier refugee vetting, better trade, and more.

Conservatives are torn in separate directions between those who are fiercely loyal to the party for the greater good and those who are willing to stay to do what they feel is morally right. Rush Limbaugh is one who has inserted his two cents into the discussion.

He posted the following statement to social media to express his stance on the entire debacle,

Limbaugh, amongst other conservatives, is one of a select few who believes that the former President is using his inherent community organizing schools and tactics to undermine the President in aiding the release of these leaks that insinuate a Russian connection to the White House. Which would be a clear example of former President Obama trying to obfuscate the new President.

Considering their highly contentious relationship and adamant disapproval of one another it would not at all be surprising. However, there is no proof of this allegation thus far as it is only conjecture. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, there are Republicans such as Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham who have vociferously denounced the connection. Also known Trump detractors.

Who side are you on? Comment below and on social media.

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