Look at This List of 26 Things Hillary Told The FBI She Couldn’t Remember…

Wow! LifeZette has a list of 26 things that Clinton claimed she couldn’t remember when questioned about them by the FBI. This is going to convince those that suspect there is something physically wrong with her even more. The FBI released documents on Friday pertaining to their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. There were many revealing things in those documents – this is one of them.

Over and over again according to this 11-page document, Clinton claimed that she “could not recall” information on numerous occasions, including many things she very well should have. Personally, I think she is just blatantly lying, which is bad enough and reason enough to keep her out of the White House. But the fact that she won’t release her medical records and has been seen having brain freezes on numerous occasions, adds fuel to the fire.

From The Federalist Papers Project:

LifeZette compiled a list of the 26 (that’s right, 26) times Clinton claimed she could not answer an FBI question because she was unable to remember:

  • When she received security clearance
  • Being briefed on how to handle classified material
  • How many times she used her authority to designate items classified
  • Any briefing on how to handle very top-secret “Special Access Program” material
  • How to select a target for a drone strike
  • How the data from her mobile devices was destroyed when she switched devices
  • The number of times her staff was given a secure phone
  • Why she didn’t get a secure Blackberry
  • Receiving any emails she thought should not be on the private system
  • Did not remember giving staff direction to create private email accounts
  • Getting guidance from state on email policy
  • Who had access to her Blackberry account
  • The process for deleting her emails
  • Ever getting a message that her storage was almost full
  • Anyone besides Huma Abedin being offered an account on the private server
  • Being sent information on state government private emails being hacked
  • Receiving cable on State Dept personnel securing personal email accounts
  • Receiving a cable on Bryan Pagliano upgrading her server
  • Using an iPad mini
  • An Oct. 13, 2012, email on Egypt with Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal
  • Jacob Sullivan using personal email
  • State Department protocol for confirming classified information in media reports
  • Every briefing she received after suffering concussions
  • Being notified of a FOIA request on Dec. 11, 2012
  • Being read out of her clearance
  • Any further access to her private email account from her State Department tenure after switching to her HRCoffice.com account

LifeZette is stating that according to the FBI documents, Clinton was unable to recall any briefings she undertook post Dec. 2012, which was when the former Secretary of State fell and suffered a concussion. The timing is suspect there and very curious.

It may be a mixture of incompetence, lying and health issues at play here. Regardless, Trump is going to shred her on this.

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