LISTEN: Hillary Freak Out… Makes Vile Move When She Finds Bible in Limo

I’ve never sat down at a table with Hillary for tea time, but I’ve always imagined just by the way she carries herself and lies through her gritted smile that she isn’t that nice of person.

In fact, there are so many times just the look that is plastered on her face, makes you think that she is smiling with gritted teeth just seconds away from blowing up on people. It’s almost uncomfortable to see sometimes really.

Well, now we get to hear some insider information from others that have actually worked with her in a very close capacity. Gary Byrne is a former Secret Service agent, and he is giving us an exclusive SCOOP!

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Hillary is a nasty person behind closed doors!

In an interview with Rusty Humphries, from the “Trending Today USA” show, this question was posed:

Listen to “Gary Byrne on Hillary Clinton Being Rude” on Spreaker.

“Can you confirm reports that Hillary was rude? Yes or no?”

Byrne without hesitation replied with: “Absolutely,”

That’s when the good stuff was unleashed, and by god stuff I mean some truth!

Byrne explained that it was regular behavior for Hillary to be absolutely nasty with them, bossy, rude, and inconsiderate. So much so that on one occasion Byrne recalled a time when Hillary was ticked off because he had told her leaving a group of 40 of her friends from Arkansas in the Oval Office alone could not be allowed.

…because it’s the rule.

We all know Hillary doesn’t understand how rules work, so she was infuriated!

Her response was to call Byrne an “a**hole,” then the whole Secret Service division “a**holes,” and tell him that the Clintons should have fired them when they first moved in there years before.

Again, Byrne made it clear that this kind of behavior was very typical of Hillary Clinton.

This is coming from a man who spent 12 years of his life as a Secret Service agent, out of those 12, a full 8 of those years were with the Clintons.

Poor fella.

He went on to further explain that there was another instance when Hillary got to pissed at something and decided to use the bible in her car to help relieve some of that stress.

So what she did, was grab her bible and chuck it at the head of the secret service agent that was driving her in her car.

Can you believe that? It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that a full grown woman has zero capability in being courteous or even slightly well behaved. Throwing a Bible of all things….the woman is certifiably insane, I’m calling it now!

If this is how she treats the people who are put in charge of her safety, I’d really hate to see how she treats people she actually dislikes…for example, Republicans.

Or your ‘everyday Americans’ ….

That’s something to really think about!

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