Liz Warren INSULTS Veterans, They Give Her BRUTAL Taste of Her Own Medicine

There are many leftists that grind my gears, but there is one that truly ticks me off. Senator Elizabeth Warren is that special someone that really knows how to get under my skin. Not only does she straddle the line of real and make believe, but she has also insulted our veterans. And for me, that is one thing you just do not do.

So when I learned that Liz Warren had blatantly ignored a letter sent to her by Veterans Assisting Veterans, I was angered. However, just leave it to our veterans to make sure they put this idiot back in her place.

John MacDonald, a representative of VAV, wrote a letter to Warren. In this letter, MacDonald accuses Warren placing illegal immigrants ahead of veterans who served our country.

The letter read:

“Today marks the twentieth day since Veterans Assisting Veterans (VAV) open letter to all American’s was first published … It also marks twenty days of silence from every member of the United States Congress and Senate,” wrote MacDonald. “Not one of our elected leaders has felt the need to share where they stand.”

“We ask Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Edward Markey, and the Massachusetts Congressional delegation… do you stand with us or against us?”

“‘Aleppo Liz’ is leading the way to thumb her nose at America and Americans by providing comfort to anyone other than the American Citizen and our US Veterans,” continued MacDonald.

“Those elected officials that support her stance and lack of understanding between illegal immigrants and those who are legally waiting in line are shameful and rife with their own self-interest.”

This woman is out of control, and I am so glad that our veterans called her out on her lies. Warren is willing to pass over our veterans for illegals and refugees and does not care one bit. I can only hope that she will be voted out before she causes anymore trouble.

H/T [ I Have The Truth ]

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