HILARIOUS: Blacks Outraged Over ‘Racist’ Cartoons Drawn By A Black Guy

OK, I officially love this cartoonist! This stuff is fantastic! As for the whiny, Black Lives Matter bitches, honestly, shouldn’t they be rioting or something instead of crying over some Seriously funny cartoons that they happen to find “offensive”?
When I hear non-white comedians tell jokes about whites, I totally laugh (if they’re good jokes mind you). These BLM social justice warriors need to get their panties unbunched & join the rest of civilization in terms of culture. Oh, and not rioting & looting all the time would be a good thing, too.

What do you do if you are fully invested in raging against the racist system and you can’t find any racism to be outraged by? If you are Al Sharpton, you invent some racism and watch your bank account grow. But what if you aren’t as skilled of a race-hustler as Sharpton and can’t turn innocuous things into racial injustice? Well, if you are a student at a liberal arts college, you get mad at black people for being racist.

This is no joke. Students at Wesley College in Delaware are furious over “racist” cartoons that appeared in the school newspaper. The cartoons in question were drawn by Bryheim Muse, who is black, and approved for publishing by editor-in-chief Kristen Griffith, who is also black.

In the first cartoon (above) we see a black woman wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt saying “Would you look at the time…I’m late for my abortion.” Obviously black activists are going to dislike this one because it calls out BLM hypocrisy for saying that black lives matter while supporting abortion that snuffs out hundreds of thousands of black lives every year. This is equivalent to suggesting that black-on-black murder is more of a problem than police shootings.


The second cartoon has a black man talking to a garden hoe. “Who is you calling a hoe!!!” says the hoe to which the man replies, “I’m sorry ma’am, you just look like a hoe.”

I’m not sure what the political statement is with the second cartoon. Maybe it’s condemning black men for calling black women “hoes.” If that’s the case, again I can see why blacktivists would be upset. It’s racist to call out black men’s sexism.

With the racial double standard, these horribly drawn cartoons would be racist if a white person drew them, but that’s not the case. These came from a black “artist” and were published under the approval of a black editor. Not that I think the cartoons are racist at all, but the source definitely makes them non-racist. Remember, liberals have told us that black people cannot be racist.

Speaking of liberals, The Huffington Post reports that some black people didn’t get the memo that blacks can’t be racist and are outraged over these “racist” cartoons.

“We have worked hard, especially black women, to defy and break down all of the stereotypes that were thrown at us. It is humiliating to know that we were dehumanized by a fellow African-American male. He essentially gave the white students a reason to disrespect and think less of us. That comic promotes hate speech,” said Shaylynn Bivens, VP of the black student union.

Oh, that’s why this is racist. It’s because white people have been given a license to hate. And if you think that is bad, check out what else these cartoons have done:

“It kind of degrades us as a people, saying that we don’t understand everything that we stand behind, so I do feel that he shouldn’t have put that up,” said student William Johnson.

There was so much whining and complaining that the university actually held a forum to address the concerns of the students. Things did not go well. Students Tiffany Griffin, Damyra Price, and Bivens not only rejected what the university had to say on the matter, they came up with a list of demands that includes hiring more black professors and admitting more black students.

Yes, after a black guy draws some cartoons that black people think were racist, the university should have to make it up to blacks by increasing black enrolment and black hiring, with a racist Affirmative Action policy. It really doesn’t get any crazier than that. Even Al Sharpton is looking at this and saying, “y’all are nuts.”

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