LOL! James Woods Slams Bernie Sanders: ‘You Utter Moron’

James_Woods gun

Hey, here’s a shocker — James Woods apparently isn’t a big fan of Bernie Sanders. Or at least Bernie Sanders’ thoughts on china.

The “Once Upon a Time in America” star and outspoken conservative put Vermont senator and presidential candidate Sanders on blast via Twitter, tearing into the politician and calling him an “utter moron.”

Woods hurled the insult in response to a tweet sent by Sanders that read, “china – not exactly seen as a model when it comes to human rights – provides 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. The US provides zero.”

The actor chimed in with a thought on China’s population control methods, which he apparently has a problem with.

china has notoriously killed female infants for population control, you utter moron,” Woods shot back, adding the cheery hashtag, “#ChinaGendercide.”

Woods later took another shot at Sanders, linking to a story about the politician’s spending plan and noting, “Of course he has a scorpion in his own pocket, but LOVES other people’s money.”

Oooh … did you feel that, Bern?

h/t The Wrap

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