LOL! Perfect Response To Michelle’s Race-Baiting Comments About The White House [MEME]

First Lady Michelle Obama made controversial comments during a graduation commencement speech when she said she wakes up each morning in a house built by slaves. She immediately received backlash from many conservative people who felt her comments were politically charged and downright ungrateful.

Let’s look at the facts. And let’s not let a good story get in the way of the truth. After President George Washington was inaugurated in 1789 he planned to build a residence for the President. A contest led to a design winner by the name of James Hoban who was an Irish-born architect. Construction began on October 13th, 1792 and was created over the next eight years by a team of enslaved and free African Americans as well as European immigrants.

So the First Lady’s comments weren’t entirely accurately.

Gregg Campbell of Right Wing News had a perfect response for her,


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