LOL: Racist Students Claim Police Only Protect White People

Race-baiting agitators are trying to shame students at Missouri State University by claiming that police exist only to protect white men.

In a poster campaign, the claim is that straight, white, male, Christian, able-bodied students are specifically protected by police and if you don’t admit it and apologize for it, you’re part of the problem, the Daily Caller is reporting.

The posters were sponsored by the university’s student government and Residence Hall Association (RHA) and reportedly went up inside a dorm Saturday morning before being removed on Sunday night in the face of backlash from students on Twitter. The Daily Caller obtained pictures of six of the posters from an MSU student before they were taken down.

Each poster included an example of “privilege” above the phrase “Check your privilege” and a checklist of different categories of privilege, including: Christian privilege, class privilege, white privilege, male privilege, able-bodied privilege, cisgender privilege and heterosexual privilege.

Each poster also included a definition of privilege in the lower right-hand corner: “unearned access to social power based on membership in a dominant social group.”

“If you’re confident that the police exist to protect you, you have white male privilege,” one poster read. Beneath it, “white” and “male” were both checked off in the list of privileges.

Another poster informed students that “If while growing up, college was an expectation of you, not a lofty dream, you have class privilege.”

One poster that singled out Christian students said, “If you can expect time off from work to celebrate your religious holidays, you have Christian privilege.”

Yet another poster instructed students at the taxpayer-funded university to check their privilege if they aren’t transgender: “If you can use public bathrooms without stares, fears or anxiety, you have cisgender privilege.”


After many students voiced their outrage on Twitter over the posters, MSU’s student government tweeted out a statement saying, “Missouri State SGA values and supports free speech, diversity and our police officers.”

Junior Tim Briseno, VP of MSU’s College Republicans, told The Daily Caller that he took the original pictures of the posters which started circulating on Twitter after he shared them with friends. “You can see my reflection in several of the pictures and recognize me by my hair, watch, Titleist hat and phone,” he added.

Briseno said he was “at first shocked and appalled by the audacity of the university to sponsor and approve such vile and illegitimate posters.”

President of Missouri State University Clif Smart sent out a tweet late Sunday night distancing himself from the posters, saying, “MSU is not sponsoring this poster, [Missouri State RHA] is. Share your concern/outrage here,” followed by a link to the RHA website. It’s unclear what exactly president Smart was trying to communicate as RHA is a subset of MSU’s residence life department and is funded by a fee the university charges students at the beginning of each semester.

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