LOL! Watch Muslim Terrorist BLOW UP Friends Taking Selfie With Phone DETONATOR

You know that kid who is always trying to fit in? But no matter what they do they just seem a little off. The way they walk swinging, their arms unnaturally. Or they’re out with their other 2 buddies and there are only 2 barstools at the bar, so they stand behind the other guys trying to stand just right to look cool. Or they try to tell a joke but don’t really get the punch line right? Sad dorks have a hard life.

If there is one thing that everyone can do (even a dork) and not totally mess up is take a selfie, right? You get to make funny faces, wear goofy clothes or anything in a selfie is deemed acceptable. In this video you will see a bunch of Muslims (I assume extremists) sitting around some guns as if the guns were a campfire. They are chanting some sort of song and everyone seems to be having a good time until the weird dude in the group decides to capture the moment with a selfie to PROVE he has friends. Remember, this is easy, you can’t mess it up.

UNLESS you forget that the phone you are using is also a phone detonator to the bombs in the middle of the room. WOOPS! BOOM*&%^#!!! facepalm-muslim
Watch VIDEO below:

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