UNBELIEVABLE! Look What Liberals Are Now Saying‘Triggered’ London Terrorist Before He Went On Killing Rampage

“It was racism – not the inherently violent nature of Islam – that drove London attacker Khalid Masood off the rails,” according to a report from The Telegraph’s Robert Mendick.

Mendick’s report, visible on MSN.com, begins:

“Khalid Masood, the Westminster attacker, snapped because of racism in his village and slashed the face of a cafe owner before being radicalized in jail.”

Keeping in line with the typical blame white people first and guilt propagation of the left wing we once again hear another hard luck story of a murdering terrorist who’s actions have only been brought on because us “mean racists” have caused him so much pain and suffering that he had no choice but to act in the manner that he did and kill multiple people.

Apparently according to The Telegraph’s Robert Mendick the poor misunderstood Muslim Terrorist. Masood, who killed 4 people in London this week did so out of desperation because he was once in an argument where “racial overtones” were used back in 2000.

Of course, Masood was the one who ended up in jail for this because he took it upon himself to leave the cafe where the argument took place. But not before slashing seats, the owner’s car and doing a number on the man’s face that left the man in need of more than 20 stitches. But it’s ok, because get this, he was drunk.

After landing in jail because of this incident he stabbed a man in the nose only to flee to Saudi Arabia. Where of course he was even more radicalized because as we all know the Saudis are “Our Friends.”

As it seems not many people are buying this cockamamie theory:

According to The Guardian, police have arrested nine people following the incident, including two “significant” arrests this morning. Wonder how many of those were in an argument with “racial overtones” almost two decades before in a cafe.

How can anyone explain why this rabid beast was allowed to roam the streets of London. Great Britain apparently cares more about political correctness than protecting it’s citizens, but then again, like London’s Muslim Major Sadiq Khan said, “Terrorist attacks are a normal part of life in a big city.”

Pray for London, because apparently, prayers are the only defense they will have.

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