London Terrorist Told All Six Victims One Chilling Thing Before He Killed Them That The Mainstream Media Is Desperate To Hide

Just two weeks ago Manchester, England was attacked by an Islamic extremist that claimed the lives of 22 people and injured dozens of others. Now, the “religion of peace” has struck again in London when terrorists mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge. Then shortly after that vicious attack, word came that another terrorist attack occurred at a nearby market. Of course, the left wing media pundits urged everyone not to assume it was Muslims extremists, but guess what? It was. Now, the media is trying to keep another sick detail under wraps about the attack that blows their narrative out of the water.

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The left truly believes that the only way to combat Muslim extremism is by political correctness and love. These sick individuals preach their insane rhetoric to our youth who have bought it hook, line, and sinker. So, now when anyone with any common sense calls out these terrorists for what they are they are viewed as Islamaphobic. How twisted is that?

People looking on in horror at the victims.

Well, the world knows now that these vicious attacks were perpetrated by Muslim extremists. Which is why it is no surprise that these liberal half-wits are refusing to report on what these spineless attackers said to their victims. People who witnessed the horrific attacks said that these sub-humans all shouted, “This is for Allah” as they stabbed their victims to death.

Jag Sandue, a witness to the terrorist attacks. He is seen covered in blood after the man behind him was viciously stabbed.

Daily Mail released an article today that detailed the horrific attack. Instead of them mentioning this disturbing detail towards the top of their article they buried it towards the end of the piece. Now, it is quite possible this was not done on purpose, but wouldn’t you think that this would be a highlighted point?

Here is from Daily Mail:

Some 48 people have been taken to five hospitals across London after the horrific attack. One of the fatalities was at London Bridge, it has been reported.

Witnesses said the gang smashed pub windows and reportedly cut the throats of drinkers as civilians barricaded themselves inside and fought off the attackers with pint glasses and chairs. One witness saw a ‘dark-skinned’ man in a red tracksuit ‘calmly’ stab a man three times while another witnessed a victim being stabbed in the face.

Armed police rushed to the scene and shot dead all three suspects within eight minutes of receiving the first emergency call and placed the area on lock down. Meanwhile, medics wheeled away injured victims on stretchers while crying people wrapped in foil blankets were evacuated from the ‘horrific’ scene.

‘The men said “This is for Allah” as they left the van and attacked victims. There were definitely three people sitting at the front of the van,’ witness Eric Seguenzo told BBC News.

He added: ‘I thought the van was traveling on the wrong side of the road, as though the brakes had failed. The white van had yellow stripes, veered to the right and people tried to jump out the way.’

Witnesses to the terror attack heard at least 12 gunshots in the area, now believed to have been police firing at the attackers.

Ben and his wife Natalie were in Borough Market near the Southwark Tavern. They told BBC Radio 5 Live that they saw a ‘dark-skinned man in a red tracksuit’ stabbing a man.

Ben said: ‘We saw people running away and then I saw a man in red with a large blade, at a guess 10 inches long, stabbing a man, about three times.

‘I was across the road about 15m away. [The attacker] was dark-skinned and had a red tracksuit on.

‘It looked like the man had been trying to intervene, but there wasn’t much he could do. He was being stabbed quite coldly and he slumped to the ground.’

I cannot even begin to imagine the horror these people felt during this time. And, instead of the media doing their job and calling out these people for what they are, they are covering it up. It is not Islamaphobia when people who follow the religion of Islam are killing non-believers.

This insane rhetoric needs to stop before more innocent lives are taken. I am sick and tired of these liberals asshats preaching tolerance and coexisting when more people are dead. We are already at war with these people and it will not stop till it is recognized for what it is. 

The only thing that gives me solace is knowing that we have President Trump who is intent on protecting the American people. I pray for the victims of this horrific crime and hope it will open their eyes to the truth.


H/T [ Daily Mail ]

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