WOW! Trump Was Right… Look Where The London Terrorist Worked!

The terrorist attack in London recently has set off another firestorm, and call to prepare ourselves in America for such an attack. The scumbag terrorist, Khalid Masood, was responsible for taking the lives of five people was apparently a participant in the Luton Islamic Centre mosque, which had before condemned previous attacks by Muslims…

But you won’t hear that on CNN!

But here’s the problem with that. Muslim organizations and mosques habitually with their words, call out terror attacks whenever it has to do with them, or if the act was committed in their vicinity. But do they ever do anything past a public statement? These are communities that work and live together. There is no possible way that NO ONE was NOT able to discern what this psychopath was going to do to innocent westerners.

Where is the REAL action? Where is the absolute disgust to the point of being proactive in identifying other extremists?

It doesn’t happen. Theses people just zip up, and nothing more is said or done until the next attack. Rinse and repeat…

Masood was actually a public contact on the website, an extremist website that conveniently, has all the sudden been deleted. On the website, Muslims or anyone interested in hurting innocent people could get sourced material like Islamic sermons – the kind that mocked and condemned Christians and Jews for their apparent ‘greed, jealousy and fornication’…I guess these scumbag extremist don’t own a mirror.

The website also exhorted followers and readers to ‘make ready . . . steeds of war to threaten the enemy of Allah.’

Masood’s contact details are all over this Luton Islamic Centre mosque, and if an extremist like him is acceptable there, then who else in that mosque is primed and ready for another attack? We cannot allow this to happen in America. Surveillance of Mosques in question needs to happen. Any mosques with ties of any sort to terror, need to be dissected and opened up.

Freedom of religion is a right in America, but not the freedom to take advantage of it to murder.

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