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WHOA! Look What Pissed Off Londoners Are Chanting In The Street After Multiple Terror Attacks In Their City

Wow… this will bring tears of joy to the eyes of anyone who is pro-the civilized world.

Yesterday the British people finally woke up.

After the horrific killings which the “Religion of Peace” disciples perpetrated at the world famous London Bridge this past Saturday night they took to the streets in protest against Muslims and the hate and bloodshed they bestow upon a society.

Although the media is ignoring this, yes, you heard correctly. In the above video taken in London England today, people were chanting “Donald Trump, We Love You” and “Britain First.” It’s enough to make the average “infidel” teary eyed. It was obvious peace loving people were going to “get it” at some point.

It seems the British people are finally waking up to the fact that the new United States President Donald Trump and all of us who voted for him were correct. This asinine experiment of living under that foolish bumper sticker logo “COEXIST” just doesn’t work. How can it when a religion tells it’s people they will get 72 virgins in heaven if they kill infidels? How can the civilized world even compete with a culture that still lives in the dark ages and has no interest of ever modernizing?

Fox News Reports:

London: Saturday Islamic terror attacks a tipping point in campaign to destroy the West

There is no longer any doubt: the mayhem in London Saturday night has raised Islamic terrorism to a new threat level to the Western world.

The van that plowed into pedestrians on the historic London Bridge, the knife attacks near Borough Market – carried out nearly simultaneously – reflect a boldness and brazenness on the part of the twisted warriors of the Islamist campaign to destroy Western civilization and force us all to worship their version of God.

Coming only a few days before British voters go to the polls for a June 8 snap election, and just months after a similar vehicular attack on Westminster Bridge, the weekend violence is certain to have an effect on turnout and, quite possibly, the makeup of parliament and the next British government.

“My view is that we are no longer facing random acts of terrorism,” says Frank Gaffney, a terror expert who is president of the Washington-based Center for Security Policy. “We have reached a tipping point. This is now an insurgency.”

Gaffney, who has warned of the dangers of Islamic extremism for years, thinks this latest spate of attacks is the natural evolution of years of recruitment among British Muslims by terror cells like ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

“The Muslim terrorist population in Britain and Europe no longer feels constrained to live by stealth,” Gaffney says. “They have built an infrastructure, they have put it in place, and now they are moving up to the next level.”

Gaffney calls the new phenomenon “Sharia Supremacism.” And he warns that the United States is on the same trajectory.

He’s right.

For far too long, Western societies, including in the United States, have tried to rationalize what has now become an avalanche of violent hatred of democratic freedom, basic human rights, and freedom to choose if and how to worship. We have asked if some of this is our fault, if we haven’t listened to the voices of religious extremism, or if we have failed to understand their message. The result in Britain: Government officials estimate there are more than 20,000 jihadists living among the population.

Here’s their message: We hate you and want to kill you.

Gaffney is among an emerging group of terrorism experts who now downplays the ideological differences between Shi’a and Sunni Muslim extremists. Yes, ISIS is peopled by Sunni killers and Hezbollah soldiers are Shi’a. The two Muslim sects dislike each other and have killed one another – always in Allah’s name, of course.

But here’s the thing, as Gaffney sees it: “Shi’as and Sunnis have had serious differences for centuries, but what we are seeing now is a global alliance, they are perfectly capable of making common cause to take down the West. And I think it will get worse before it gets better.”

For British voters, this week’s election may come down to one central issue: who will call these soldiers of Islam what they really are – savages – and keep us safe?

What really tires me the most is hearing “But it’s only a small minority of Muslims that kills Infidels.” Very true, it is a very small minority. But where are the billion so-called “Peaceful Muslims” when crimes such as this happen? Are they celebrating in the streets like they did when we saw 3000 innocent souls die the day our towers fell or maybe celebrating on social media as hundreds of thousands did last Saturday night? NOPE, they are silent. Because deep down inside they are ok with it. They won’t go kill anyone themselves, but they are all too aware that their so-called religion commands them to kill us.

Slowly the civilized world is waking up. And once we do, and we yell out “Enough”. The Muslim world hasn’t even begun to comprehend the hell that we will rain on their death cult that is Islam.

Britain First!

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