Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell Issues Once in a Lifetime Invitation to “Mom of the Year” (VIDEO)


From Controversial Times: It looks like Navy SEAL veteran and Lone Survivor author Marcus Luttrell is another fan of Baltimore’s “Mom of the Year” Toya Graham, the woman who was caught on camera”handing out the attitude adjustment to her son” during the riots.

Luttrell posted to his Facebook page that he would like to meet Graham and her entire family when he’s in Baltimore on September 26th for his Patriot Tour.

The war hero even went so far as to invite Miss Graham’s son, the one caught on the video, to join he and some of his SEAL teammates for an entire day.

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Checking in, been on the road the last week or so. I just saw the video of Toya Graham handing out the attitude adjustment to her son brought back some memories of my own mother knocking fire from my body when I stepped out of line. If anyone can get this message to her ill be in Baltimore on sept 26 for patriot tour. Miss Graham please bring the family out as my guests would love to meet you and your son. Matter fact you can let your son spend the day w/ me and some of my teammates if he wants.


Graham, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few days, is the woman in this video:

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