Look What Blacks Are Getting For FREE In America That Whites Are FORCED To Pay For But BANNED From Going Inside

You've got to be freaking kidding me!

Thanks to 8 years of Obama manufacturing his little race war in America, race relations in our country are at an all-time low. Now we have white people being victimized and demonized simply for being white, as liberals continue to demand that whitey makes reparations for slavery, continually telling them to “check their privilege,” regardless of if their ancestors owned slaves or not. If that wasn’t enough insanity to last a lifetime, now segregation is rearing its ugly head again in our country after the disgusting thing liberals in Colorado are constructing that will be exclusively for people of color.

Last week, we brought you the insane story about how Harvard University is caving to political correctness and holding a separate graduation ceremony just for their black students, where anyone who is white and wanting to attend will be turned away at the door. But this is startlingly just the beginning of Jim Crow-like segregation that is sweeping America, all because liberals feel like whitey, regardless of if their family owned slaves or not, needs to pay for what was done to blacks. Now Colorado State University is jumping on the segregation bandwagon of insanity, by announcing their plans to create a housing complex on campus where whites will be completely banned from living or entering. Keep in mind this is all being paid for by your tax dollars. 

The Daily Caller has more:

The University of Colorado Boulder is creating a special new residence hall that will segregate black people away from the general student population.

Officials at the taxpayer-funded school have announced a plan to transform Hallett Hall, a campus residence hall, into three separate “Living Learning Communities” beginning this fall, reports Campus Reform.

One of these “Living Learning Communities” will be set aside exclusively for “black-identified students and their allies.”

A second segregated community, “Multicultural Perspectives” will be for “students passionate about diversity.”

The third segregated community at CU Boulder, which already exists, is dormitory ghetto called “Spectrum” which is reserved only for “LGBTQIA-identifying students.” The unwieldy acronym “LGBTQIA” stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (or transsexual), queer, intersex and asexual (or ally).

Together, the three segregated residential territories at Hallett Hall will be called a “Social Justice Living Environment.”

The “Living Learning Community” for “black-identified students and their allies” will provide a “supportive, social and communal space for students” who identify with “elements of the African & Black Diaspora,” according to the CU Boulder housing and dining services website.

“Students gain access to artifacts, critical conversation and educational programming that create an inclusive and productive atmosphere within the residence hall,” the housing website explains.

Akirah Bradley, the CU Boulder dean of students

“We hope to foster a community of diversity and communication not only in Hallett but all across campus,” Akirah Bradley, the CU Boulder dean of students, declares in a press school press release.

“We are beyond excited for the introduction of this new program and the opportunity to build communities grounded in intercultural dialogue,” Bradley also explains as she describes the dorms segregated by race and sexual preference.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the incoming students, hearing their stories and learning about their passion for social justice,” a resident assistant at the dorm, Valerie Gao, says in the press release.

“As both a woman and a student of color, I know that we have a lot of work to do, and I want to play a part in helping to promote those changes within the residence halls,” a second resident assistant, Jaela Zellars, says.

Resident assistants in the “Social Justice Living Environment” of Hallett Hall will go by the title of “peer mentors.”

CU Boulder is most famous, of course, for launching an on-campus spying apparatus in 2015 that encourages students to report incidents of “bias” to government officials at the school. The point of the “Bias Incident Reporting” scheme is to make the campus free of “demeaning and hurtful statements.”

School officials have advertised the campaign with posters featuring demeaning and hurtful statements that denigrate various cultures and ethnic groups. “Go back to Africa, you don’t belong here,” one school-funded poster has read. “Your mom must be the janitor ’cause that’s the only job for dirty Mexicans,” a second poster has declared. Except for the hateful language in the posters, there appears to be no evidence that anyone on the CU Boulder campus has ever said these things.

This sickening story comes right on the heels of a story we brought you several days ago, where black students at the American University in Washington, D.C. are not only getting extensions for their final exams because they are black and “deserve it,” but there will soon be a cafe on campus where white people will be completely banned from eating at.

While you can imagine the outrage by liberals if a group of whites suddenly demanded an extension on their final exams and demanded blacks be banned from eating at the campus cafe, quite the opposite reaction took place after these black students made their little demands: they got it.

Conservative Tribune reported, “The demonstrators blocked traffic in the tunnel of Bender Arena on the campus with three demands that included a ‘sanctuary’ space for people of color in the Bridge Cafe, extensions for students of color on their final exams and a team of ‘non-biased expert contractors’ to investigate racism and discrimination complaints brought against the university.”

Scott Bass, who serves as senior faculty member at the university, met with the entitled group of black students, where he decided to comply completely with their demands, going on to cite the university’s commitment to being a “multicultural campus” (obviously minus whitey).

“There’s nothing more important, in terms of my administration, than being a multicultural campus,” he said. Bass went on to say that the university wants to work to establish” anti-racism” after signing a contract with author and historian Ibram X. Kendi. He went on to reference the “hate crime” that occurred on the campus on May 1 that involved bananas…yes bananas. Blacks on campus became outraged after finding random bananas around campus that were strung up in the trees, asserting it was a “hate crime.”

So now because of the “hate crime” involving bananas on campus, now all white students will be punished, and banned from allowed into “sanctuary” areas that have been erected across campus for the black students.

Leave it to liberals to flush decades worth of civil rights progress down the toilet, bringing back segregation all because a few freaking snowflakes had their feelings hurt. These morons are doing nothing to prepare these black students for the real world, as you cannot simply erect safe spaces whenever someone feels like they’re being treated unfairly. If bananas truly hurt your feelings, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to be able to even cope once you get out in the real world.

Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave right now as his lifetime of work has been completely dismantled by the fascist snowflake liberals of today. He had a dream where everyone would be treated equally, based on the content of their character NOT the color of their skin. But leave it to liberals to bring back segregation and try to make it mainstream, demonizing anyone who doesn’t jump on board with their insanity.

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