Look At The Chilling Thing Terrorists Were Caught Doing Right Before 2 Nail Bombs Exploded In Russia

EXPLOSIONS in St. Petersburg Metro has gripped the nation of Russia with fear. Currently at least two bombs have gone off at the St. Petersburg Metro, although the story is still developing there is already at least 10 people who have died from the effects of the bombs being reported.

One of these two bombs are confirmed to have been filled with nails. This is what we have learned so far….

The explosive devices were left in a briefcase in metro carriage, and following the blast there has been no claim of responsibility received as of yet. The second device has been found now, and Russian anti-terrorism committee says it has found and deactivated a bomb at another St. Petersburg subway station, leading them to believe there maybe yet more bombs in waiting.

It has just been reported that the National Anti-Terrorist Committee has confirmed that a makeshift bomb has been found now at another metro station in the area and has been disposed of.

“At the Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station in St. Petersburg a makeshift explosive device was found and rendered harmless on Monday,” National Antiterrorist Committee spokesman Andrey Przhezdomsky told the Rossiya-24 television news channel. “It was done promptly and professionally.”

“Special services and law enforcement agencies keep taking crucial measures to identify and avert terrorist threats,” the National Anti-Terrorist Committee said.
Update 3: The Mail is reporting at least 50 injured including children. Bloomberg reports the device was an IED with shrapnel.

At this moment the entire transit system has been shut down so that the bomb squads and rescuers can respond to the emergency without further chaos hindering their mission to search and rescue.

Russian president Vladimir Putin says authorities are now considering all the possible causes of St. Petersburg metro explosion, not excluding terrorism.

Now there is some very disturbing news that has been discovered following these attacks. We have learned that hints as to who the attackers may be were released to the world previous to these attacks.

ISIS released a photo days ago of a Moscow attack, and many do not find this to be a simple coincidence.


ISIS was not shy with their promise- “We will burn Russia.”

When will the leftists of the world understand the reality of things? The way things are looking now…it wont be until it’s too late.

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