OH MY GOD! What Mike Pence Was Just Spotted Doing In St. Louis Will Make Trump Cry Tears Of Joy! Hillary is Pissed!

While liberals continue to push the ridiculous nonsense that the Trump Administration is “anti-Semantic,” leftist Jew-haters completely vandalized a historic Jewish cemetery in Missouri the other day, expressing to the world their disgusting sentiments. The local community of University City were completely distraught, as dozens of graves were desecrated after someone smashed up the century-old markers at the historic landmark. But immediately after hearing the news of what happened, Mike Pence was already making plans to console the Missouri community, in a move that truly displays the heart and soul of the Trump Administration.

Before we get into the awesome thing that Pence did, let’s rewind a few days back to see the sick way liberals were spinning the cemetery incident as a way to make President Trump look bad. For reasons that defy all logic, leftist morons were already trying to pin the blame of the desecration onto Trump, with butthurt Hillary leading the insanity over Twitter, insinuating that Jewish gravestone markers being smashed up was HIS fault. Here’s her asinine remarks:

While I have no freaking clue how this woman correlates the grave desecration with Trump, Pence was already making plans to console the Missouri community, and ditching his schedule for the week, hopped on a plane to meet with the shaken up community.

Donning work gloves and rolling up his sleeves, Pence met with Governor Eric Greitens and along with a local crew of volunteers, immediately went to work to pick of the broken headstone pieces that were left callously strewn about. 

After he was done working, Pence then gave a speech to encourage the hundreds of sad volunteers that had come to help out, where he urged Americans to reject hatred, racism, and anti-Semitism.

No matter what leftist propaganda BS the liberal media continues to spew, at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. What a touching moment for this Missouri community to know that someone as insanely busy as Mike Pence would rearrange his entire schedule to meet with them on the day that their community needed a strong leader more than ever before.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]

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