LOOK What We Found! Milwaukee Thug’s Arrest Record and Facebook Page! He was A BLM Supporter!

Yeah, he was a thug.

Meet  Sylville Smith, the suspect whose death sparked the Milwaukee riots that started Saturday and are still going on as I wrote. Thus far, rioters have deemed their protest the “Milwaukee Uprising,” as apparently burning your own community to the ground is “uprising.”

Even more confusing, the man who shot Smith dead was himself black, so I’m unsure why the rioters are targeting whites during their rampage. On the other hand, I guess they are sticking it to blacks by burning what are likely black owned businesses to the ground

The man they’re rioting over isn’t some outstanding citizen, either. Last year, Smith was charged with first-degree “recklessly endangering safety” for a shooting incident.  That criminal record is why the firearm that Smith was told to drop when he was killed was obtained illegally.

His family ain’t all that outstanding either. His cousin is likely a gang member, affiliated with the bloods, and his sisters have incited violence as well. They encouraged rioters to stop burning down their communities – which sounded great – then immediately followed that up by encouraging them to burn down the suburbs instead.

Smith’s father, Patrick Smith, to his credit, blames himself for his son’s death because of the poor example he had set for his son.  The elder Smith has been in and out of prison, having just got out the last time just two months ago. To this point, he’s the only reasonable member of the family.

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Here are a number of his Facebook posts:


Sylville Smith Implying That He Killed Someone


And here are some more photos of Smith:



555970_3557594059308_883634519_n 190041_3656328807615_2088738051_n

Just some gang signs... nothing to see here
Just some gang signs… nothing to see here

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As for that criminal record:

Sylville Tweeted his mug shot and support for Black Lives Matter
Sylville Tweeted his mug shot and support for Black Lives Matter



There are cases of police shootings where the circumstances of the shooting are murky and require further investigation…. and this is not one of those cases.

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