Look What Happened To Marine Amputee Right After He Crossed Finish Line At Boston Marathon With Flag In Hand

All eyes were on Boston yesterday and its annual marathon. Runners from around the country gather every year to run this particular marathon. This race is special since many athletes need to qualify in order to run in this marathon. Also, it has now become a place of remembrance after the horrific bombings in 2013. However, yesterday something very special happened during, and it was all caught on camera.

It was a beautiful spring day in Boston for a marathon. It was warm and sunny and the marathon went along without any issues. Though at the closing moments of the race a scene took place that shook everyone to the core.

Earl Granville is a nine-year-veteran under the Pennsylvania Guard. Granville lost part of his leg in 2008 when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Granville was fitted with a prosthetic leg and never let this injury hold him back from life. Following his injury, Granville has competed in several marathons, including Boston, Chicago, and Detroit.

So, Granville decided to run in the Boston Marathon yesterday with the American flag he loves so much. As the race was beginning to finish up Granville noticed a woman struggling towards the finish line. The woman was injured from running the race and Granville knew she needed help. Staying true to the hero that Granville is, he scooped her up and ran with her over the finish the line. Granville never dropped the flag or the woman, and they finished the race together. He was determined not to leave anyone behind which is ingrained in many of our nation’s hero’s.

Watch the touching moment here.

After crossing the finish line the woman could not stop hugging the hero and we cannot blame her at all. This man is the epitome of what a hero and real strength look like. Granville’s action, of course, inspired so many people, but he does not see it that way.

Earl Granville running with the unidentified woman over the finish line.

I don’t know what they’re inspired about,” Granville said in a Facebook Live broadcast at mile 16. “I’m walking.”

His moving finish may be the reason why many were inspired, as many took to social media to congratulate the veteran. “Thanks to Earl Granville for showing the Boston Marathon what veterans of the Pennsylvania National Guard can do,” Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors said on Facebook.

With all the tragedy and stress that we have endured over the last several years, this is just what we all needed to see. This sort of grit and determination is what our country was founded on.

Earl Granville and the woman he helped over the finish line.

For so long, we have been kicked around that to see this beautiful image is truly inspiring. What Granville did yesterday is exactly why we treasure our military men and women. Their sacrifice and courage should inspire us all.

Thank you, Earl Granville, for your service and for what you did yesterday. Your actions are truly inspiring and remind us all of what our country is about.

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H/T [ WNEP ]

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